Interesting eyelash growth facts you are probably unaware of

An eyelash is a single hair that grows with many hairs of its kind on the tip of the eyelids. They are found in many mammals. Chief among their several functions is protection of the eyes from dust, bugs and bacteria.

In humans, they tend to be colored a little differently compared to the rest of the body hair. For people with dark hair, the eyelashes tend to be darker; for those with lighter hair, they tend to be lighter colored. They play a big aesthetic role and there are many methods of enhancing them to improve looks. Let us look at some interesting facts about eyelashes you probably do not know.

They are 97% protein

A typical eyelash is made up of 97 percent protein. Keratin, the main constituent, is another protein form. The remaining three percent is water.


The lifecycle of an eyelash is around 90 days. It takes approximately between four to eight weeks for a new eyelash to grow to full maturity and length. Their growth can be affected by the same factors that affect normal hair growth.

They fall out and re-grow

In line with eyelashes having a lifecycle, they constantly fall off and re-grow. This is however not easily noticeable as different lashes are at different lifecycle stages. They therefore fall out at different times. Note that anywhere from one to five of your eyelashes fall out every day.

They hardly grow beyond a centimeter

Normal eyelashes typically grow to be just a tiny bit shy of a centimeter. There are exceptions though as the longest eyelash recorded was 6.4 centimeters long. That translates to over 2.5 inches! There exist different proposed methods of making eyelashes grow longer such as application of petroleum jelly and trimming.

They can be enhanced through a hair transplant

Eyelashes can be enhanced through a hair transplant procedure. Head hair can be successfully transplanted onto the eyelids. However, they must be trimmed constantly in such a case.

They have glands and living organisms

Your lashes have two glands that helps keep them healthy and nourished. They help keep the follicles unclogged and free of bacteria, which prevents eyelid and eye infections.

Tiny mites have been found to live in the eyelashes. This sounds disturbing but it should not scare you in any way. Actually, the mites are thought to be quite helpful. They are said to surface when you are asleep to feed on dead cells on the lashes hence helping to keep them unclogged.

Do you know about Eyelash Growth Serum?

If your research is good then you probably would be having the knowledge about eyelash growth serum. There are different types of lash serums. A few of them are FDA approved like the Latisse. All others most of the time are chemical based and need a proper research before opting.